Supervision For Counsellors

I am an experienced counsellor and supervisor offering clinical supervision to qualified counsellors and psychotherapists and to those in training or in related professions. I am also able to provide academic, accreditation support. I work with an integrative approach and have supervised trainees and qualified practitioners from various models of therapy both in groups and one-to-one. I enjoy working with students as it is so rewarding for me to see trainees develop and grow in confidence.

The primary purpose of supervision is to ensure that the counsellor is addressing the needs of the client. Supervision is a formal working relationship. The term supervision encompasses a number of functions concerned with monitoring, developing and supporting individuals in their counselling role. This is the sharing of ideas and responsibility for the professional development of the supervisee’s skills, knowledge and understanding. The intention is that the individual can develop new options for managing themselves and their caseload allowing for greater satisfaction and effectiveness.

The Hawkins & Shohet model of supervision supports my work; it is a double matrix model focusing on the processes of the client/supervisee and supervisee/supervisor relationship, known as the seven-eyed model of supervision as seven modes are worked through in the supervisory session. The modes focus on the client, the counsellor’s interventions, client/counsellor relationship, the therapist, the therapist/supervisor relationship, the supervisor and lastly concentrating on the wider context. I integrate elements of Stoltenberg & Delworths Developmental model as well as referring to John Heron’s intervention model.

If you are looking for a professional, approachable and supportive supervisor, I would be pleased to meet with you.  Please send me an email or give me a call 

Face to Face and telephone supervision services available


Counsellors                                           1.5 hours             £55.00

Supervisors                                           1.5 hours              £60.00