I respect my client's need for dignity, confidentiality and anonymity and will preserve this at all costs. Clients have given consent to publish the following testimonials.

"I had tried counselling in the past for another issue and it was not effective and had put me off a little. Wendy developed rapport with me very quickly and was able to help me identify the sources of many issues linked to my original referral reason. Together we worked through issues and i quickly felt able to cope and manage the situation i was facing better. She is excellent and i would highly recommend her - Thank you! x


"Thanks for everything, as you know you saved my life and helped me get through."


"Thanks for your help, its made a difference."


"I felt very comfortable talking to you, Wendy, and found the sessions very helpful. I would certainly contact you again if i needed further counselling and will definitely recommend you. Thanks very much"

"It's difficult to express in just a few words how my counselling with you has meant to me. It has been quite a journey. When I met you I felt so lost in lots of ways, now I feel I have found my way again. Thankyou so much for being there to guide me through it. I'll always remember this time in my life and the big part that you were in it. I feel lucky to have met you. Thank you so very much!"


"Thanks it was good having your help, I like the way you work."


"Thankyou so much for everything, I'll never forget how much you helped me, the motivation is finally coming back thankyou again"


"The sessions helped me a lot and you made me feel comfortable and at ease so we could get to the route of the problem"


"Wendy has helped me alot with a couple of issues"

"Thank you Wendy, I wasn't coping at all with the overwhelming events in my life.The sessions with you gave the safe haven to express myself and recognise the good in myself and how not to beat myself up with worry. You helped me more than you will ever know x"


"Having never attended counselling before, i was unsure whether it would help me with the problem i faced. Now i can only wish i had done this years earlier, Thank you for all your time Wendy"


"There isn't enough words that I could share with you to show my gratitude, love and respect."


"I enjoyed all my sessions and would have liked more, but it was funded through my employer. Wendy brings professional opinions, life experience, advice and empathy to her consultations. Top Job!"

"I just wanted you to know how much the last few months has meant to me. There are so many things that meant so much to me and helped me become the person I am now. I don't know that the words exist to explain what I mean, but i'm sure that you understand. I have felt 100% comfortable in that 'little room' and it has probably been the most real and honest experience of my life. I don't think I have ever opened up and laid myself on the line as I have with you, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for just accepting me for who I am. I truly feel as though you have walked this road by my side, but that I have chosen the direction. No matter how dark and lonley the path became, you were there. Once again than you so much."

"I found Wendy easy to talk to, willing to listen and offer her advice and counselling at the right moment. I felt totally at the ease talking to Wendy, her non-judgemental but firm approach was just what I needed to get me back to the happy old me that had gone from my life."


"First rate Counselling totally professional and caring, would recommend to any person wanting help to understand themselves, don't delay and book a session today." MB


"Thanks so much for the help and support you've given me. It has been really helpful to talk things through and start to question myself." 

“I have gained a lot working with Wendy, I have found her genuine, compassionate, knowledgeable and warm. I feel  comfortable being myself with Wendy and feel supported as well as challenged. I admire her resilience, warmth and sense of humour. I don’t think there has been a supervision session where we have not laughed and I think in this field of work, that’s absolutely vital. I would not hesitate to recommend Wendy to a fellow student or colleague.   I am very proud of this report as it sums up two long years of hard work and dedication. I am glad that Wendy had enjoyed working with me and I have always felt reassured and had my confidence boosted when I have come to her  with dilemmas or challenges.”  

"The most helpful part of our work together for me has been your ability to stay away from speculating what could be going on for the client and concentrating on what was going on for me."

"The conversations about parallel process was very useful as was the one around configuration of self. I liked the fact that within our sessions I could talk about my understanding of these concepts."